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Bach, Johann Sebastian Debussy, Claude Dienel, Otto Finzi, Gerald Foote, Arthur Händel, Georg Friedrich Haydn, Joseph Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Parry, Charles H. H. Peuerl, Paul


HWV 11
Composed 1715

Three movements: Ouverture, Largo, Gavotte
Transcribed for organ duet by Sybolt de Jong

II/P (C - c3)

player 1: easy - medium player 2: easy - medium

Amadigi di Gaula (HWV 11)
is a magical opera in three acts, with music by George Frideric Handel. It was the fifth Italian opera that Handel wrote for London and was composed during his stay at Burlington House in 1715. The most intimate of Handel's operas, written for a small cast, is based on Amadis de Grèce, a French tragédie-lyrique by André Cardinal Destouches and Antoine Houdar de la Motte. Charles Burney maintained near the end of the eighteenth century, Amadigi contained "...more invention, variety and good composition, than in any one of the musical dramas of Handel which I have yet carefully and critically examined [Source Wikipedia]

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